The reason we started pressing apples over 10 years ago was a desire to cut down on waste. It is heartbreaking to watch incredible (super) food just rotting on the floor all over England (especially when we are selling imported apples in the supermarkets!). Thankfully, all of our customers have the same view.

We cut down on packaging by returning your bottles in the apple containers (rather than continually using cardboard boxes). However, we want to go one step forward by cutting down on the packaging and energy used in our production, saving you money in the process.

As such, we are happy to refill your old apple juice bottles (and knock the price of the bottle off your order).

Please take note of how our bottle refill service works:

Bottles must be clean

It’s up to you if you want to thoroughly sterilise them. Putting them in the dishwasher or oven is a good way of cleaning the bottles, or you can use a sterilising solution.

Please note that we do not have a bottle washing facility on-site.

Rings and lids must be removed

Please make life a little easier for us by removing the old caps and tamper rings from the bottles. This really helps us during the peak harvest when we are filling hundreds of bottles per day.

Your juice goes into your own bottles

We do not run a bottle deposit scheme. We don’t store your old bottles either.

We refill your bottles with your juice.

Bottles must be 75cl glass mineral bottles for screw tops. We cannot use other types of bottles.

Weak bottles or dirty bottles

Sometimes the heat can crack old bottles that have become brittle or fractured over time. This means the odd bottle is lost in production. We do not refund or replace broken bottles.

Similarly, if you bring bottles that are dirty, we won’t refill them. You will be given a new bottle and charged the full price.

New caps

We add a new caps to the refilled bottles.

(It is possible for us to use your old lids, but they would no longer have the tamper ring. Please let us know if you want to explore this option).

At your own risk

We’ve never encountered any issues from refilling old bottles (especially since the juice is pasteurised at a high temperature), but there is of course a small a risk.

Please be aware that the refill service at your own risk.