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Local apple pressing service | We turn your apples into delicious juice. You can take your juice back unpasteurised (perfect for cider making!), or we can bottle and pasteurise it for you so it lasts up to a year (great for Xmas pressies).

See our prices & services here. To book, please call Ollie & Clair on 07786 151 680

If you are interested in having your apples pressed into juice, please call Ollie & Clair on: 07786 151680

See our services and prices below. You can deliver your apples to us, or if you would like large volumes pressed, we can bring our equipment to you.

(If you’re not interested in juice, but would like to get rid of your apples click here).

We are based here: Barnfield House, Mill Lane, Bulkington. Wiltshire. SN10 1SP

Apple Pressing Prices


Apple Pressing

price per litre (unpasteurised)
  • Unpasteurised, raw juice. Perfect if you are cider making or freezing your juice.

Pressed & Pasteurised

price per 75cl bottle
  • Your own apples, pressed, bottled and pasteurised.

Orchard Labour

price per person per hour
  • Apple harvesting and orchard maintenance.

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